Surrounded by deadly spiritual creatures called The Aydu, the people of The Vast have struggled to survive and protect their communities. For countless years, these shadows terrified them, giving rise to the existence of Hunters. Though these skilled individuals protected many people, each slain Aydu only seemed to attract hoards of more dark creatures.


A rare and powerful alternative to Hunters are Sirens. These individuals have a deep connection to all living things and an elegant control over the Aydu–allowing them to resolve most situations peacefully. One such Siren is Laska, a quiet young woman with a keen mind and an immense power. With each encounter, she hopes to show humans a way of coexisting with the aydu and unusual beasts of the land. However, a darkness lingers within her power that threatens to eat her alive. Her only salvation is her close companion, Tanek–a protective and rare giant hawk.

Through her struggles, Laska searches for a cursed book said to be lost to the ages and contains the secrets of the Aydu. Legends indicate that it has a mysterious power over its readers, as if their hearts can be lost to its pages. Laska believes that this destructive book is responsible for the downfall of many, including her beloved guardian.


Meanwhile, Jarrek, a lone wanderer and notorious Aydu Hunter, ruthlessly pursues target after target. Close at his heels is a lone wolf who seems to find kinship with Jarrek, much to the hunter’s dismay. The only companion he feels he can consult is the very book Laska has been searching for.

What is the true nature of the book? How does it connect Laska and Jarrek? To find out, you’ll have to listen closely to the legend.