Quiet, compassionate, and self reliant, Laska follows her own path through the wilderness as she searches for greater meaning in life. Despite her best attempts to combat it, a mysterious darkness haunts her mind, threatening to swallow her alive. Can she escape it?



A constant and wise companion, Tanek is inseparable from Laska. Although silent, Tanek appears to have a greater perspective on Laska’s life, acting as her guide through troublesome times. His keen and swift nature provides a kind of power to Laska’s travels, without which she would be lost.



He is a gruff and stern man, whose journey is one filled with hate for an elusive enemy. Although his quest has afforded him a notable reputation as a monster hunter, Jarrek still feels a deep sense of emptiness.



To Jarrek’s dismay, Venn is an extremely relentless animal who insists on tracking his every move. For some reason, Venn has attached himself to Jarrek, intervening when he sees fit and often helping the stubborn man out of sticky situations. Maybe it is Venn’s stubbornness or his position as a lone wolf that Jarrek relates to.



A diverse group of beings marked by their characteristic ink black appearance and unique, hand carved masks. Humans know little about them, which may explain their complicated and often dark history.



Baker, mother, and long time friend of Laska, Marigold is a strong and confident person who is seen by her community as a leader. She is less than agreeable with Laska’s wandering lifestyle but those feelings come from a place of caring. Always a reliable friend Laska can return to, Marigold offers Laska a level headed mind and grounded approach to her problems.