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Legends in the Wind is my dream project that I’ve been working on for a few years. I regularly release two pages a week which are free to read on this site. I’d love to release more with the help of readers like you through support on Patreon. Please head there to watch a short video explaining the project and why I’m so excited to have you on this adventure with me! If you join me, you’ll get to see the pages one day ahead of time! Currently, Patrons are seeing pages one week ahead of time!

If you haven’t heard of it, Patreon is a crowd-funding site that helps creators like me earn a living through creating our passion projects. With more support it could be possible for me to create comics full time, which is my ultimate dream! It works much like a monthly subscription however, you as the patron get the added benefits of getting to choose the amount you give and getting awesome rewards in return. As the creator, I get to customize those rewards, meaning I can give you things specifically related to my project, such as stickers of the characters, print illustrations, and exclusive content that non-patrons don’t get to see.

Your help isn’t just about supporting me, its about joining the adventure as the comic grows! Every bit of contribution allows me to do awesome things like attend conventions and meet all of you lovely fans, offer better rewards, and hopefully someday be able to work full time on this project. Thank you all so much for being amazing 🙂

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Thank you to my first Patrons, teachers, friends, family, and those who’ve helped edit LITW! You’ve helped me so much as I’ve started out my journey. You guys rock!